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The Healing Hearts Youth Division was formed to respond to the ever-increasing heart cry of teens and young adults for help with their most difficult mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual struggles.

We are here to help!

We believe that this generation’s deepest needs can only be met through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of His Word, the Bible.

Young women and young men ages 13 through college can encounter God’s life-changing truth as they walk through these in-depth discipleship studies and curriculumn with their parents and mentors.

What is the current problem of this generation as we see it?

  • 1/2 of US teens do not attend church
  • Every 2 hours: *
  • 120 babies will be born to teen moms
  • 720 teens contract an STD (4,000,000/year)
  • 960 teens will inflict self-injury
  • 120 teens will become runaways
  • 480 teens will get high on a prescription drug
  • 97 teen girls will be raped
  • *VoiceARevolution. Teen Statistics In 2 Hours. Youtube. Web. 18 Aug. 2008. http://youtu.be/FaGfNBM8o7I

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained…”

When talking to most students, their “vision” for life completely revolves around self. This is not the vision that they were created to fulfill.

If their vision is to constantly promote self, they WILL throw off all restraint to get what they want.

Hosea 4:6 gives us an understanding of the root problem:
“My people are being destroyed because they don’t know me.”

Sadly, both within the Church as well as without, the Word of God is being compromised because some are either giving a watered-down gospel or leaving out the theme of gospel redemption completely. On the other hand, many materials that are good and biblically-based reach over the minds of our students, so that they do not understand how the Bible is relevant to their struggles.

Recently, we asked a classroom of students the question…

“What are teens and young adults in this generation willing to do to be accepted?”

In perfect unison, they all replied, “Anything.”

The truth is this generation is willing to do anything, anything at all, for what comes first in their lives.

If their boyfriend or girlfriend comes first… they are willing to have sex.

If their peers come first… they are willing to do extreme and dangerous stunts.

If having a good time comes first… they are willing to attend wild parties and experiment with drugs and alcohol.

If their friends come first… they are willing to lie to and rebel against parents.

If academics or personal hobbies come first… they are willing sacrifice their bodies, minds and souls to achieve “success.”

If their body image comes first… they are willing to starve themselves.

If their identity comes first… they are willing to tie themselves to anyone or any cause, just to belong.

If sexual pleasure comes first… they are willing to have multiple sex partners, engage in same-sex relationships, and view pornography.

Whatever they identify with and find satisfaction in the most, comes FIRST!

The solution is in guiding our students to know Jesus Christ as their first love and to fight to keep him first in their life!

After all, they were created to find their sole identity in the God who created them and to be wholly satisfied in Him…alone.

This is why our youth program exists.

We hope you’ll join us in our mission to reach today’s youth with Gospel-centered, grace-driven studies that get right down to the heart and struggles of this generation. 



“Camille has done a wonderful job pulling together some of the most important issues you could discuss with any young woman. Christian books geared for teens on love and relationships abound, but not like this one. Camille gets beyond the surface issues and goes after the heart in a clear, biblical, yet winsome way. It’s rooted in sound theology, yet practical and geared to provoke some great discussions with young women. I highly recommend this new resource.”

“I love that the study is so focused on the truth of God’s Word. I trust God will use it to help many women and girls!

“I have reviewed multiple Bible studies for young women over the years, but First Love is truly unique.  What impresses me most about the study is that it is saturated in Scripture.  Young women will learn that Christ needs to be their first love by digging deep into His Word. In a culture permeated with many false “loves,” it is refreshing to have a study that uses Scripture to guide young women to run to and cling to their one true love found in Christ alone.”

Featured Studies

Young women and young men ages 13 through college can encounter God’s life-changing truth as they walk through these in-depth discipleship studies and curriculumn with their parents and mentors.

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